COO Program

  • The Chief Operating Officer (COO) Program provides you with focused work assignments in all components of hospital administration, including:

    Regulatory Compliance - At Select Medical, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards and to providing high-quality care to those we serve. Through Select Medical's compliance department, communications and education are provided to our hospitals regarding regulatory requirements and areas that you need to be cognizant of in your day-to-day duties as a hospital administrator.

    Clinical Programs and Services - Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) Hospitals provide care to medically complex, catastrophically injured or chronically critically ill patients who require an extended acute care hospital stay. During the COO program you will learn about our innovative programs for those patients who are not medically ready to transfer to a lower level of care. You will learn the importance of a clinical team working together to assist the patient in achieving their goals for medical improvement.

    Business Development and Medical Staff Relations - The Business Development Team is responsible for developing relationships with potential referral sources in the community and maintaining occupancy within our hospitals. As a COO you will learn to lead, as well as actively participate in, all aspects of business development. You will work closely with the Director of Business Development in key areas such as developing referral relationships, managing strategic planning, productivity tracking, and marketing of clinical programs to the community. In concert with the DBD, who leads a team consisting of Clinical Liaisons and an Admissions Coordinator, you will work to develop and maintain referral relationships and admissions through collaborations with physicians, case managers, insurance providers, local administrators and the medical community as a whole.

    Financial Management - The COO Program will allow you to develop a strong understanding of the key elements of financial management within our hospitals and the industry. You will gain skills in budgeting, resource stewardship, staffing, contracting, business development and case management. This will enable you to carry this knowledge with confidence so that you will be prepared to manage the financial operations of the hospital as a CEO.

    Human Resources Management - During the program you will develop a working knowledge of Human Resources policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities. Through education, training, and on-the-job developmental experience, you will learn strategies to build a positive hospital culture, to positively impact employee safety and to select and retain an engaged workforce. At Select Medical, leadership development is imperative in building a culture of success and we strive to strengthen your foundation as a leader to achieve your hospital's goals and deliver superior results.

    Are you prepared to lead?

    Email your resume and cover letter to Next, qualified individuals will be contacted for a telephone interview with an executive recruiter. Finalists will be invited to the corporate office for a series of interviews with senior management. Once all interviews are successfully completed, the candidate will visit the COO Development Program site for a hospital tour and to meet the mentoring CEO.

    Apply: The COO Program is a full-time paid and benefit-eligible position that will require relocation to one of the COO program sites. Individuals selected to participate in the COO Program will be provided relocation assistance. Applicants are accepted into the program on a year-round basis as openings become available.


    How long is the Program?

    The program is typically completed in one year. A slightly shorter or longer period may be required depending on previous educational and work experience.

    Is relocation assistance provided?

    Yes. Select Medical offers comprehensive and competitive benefits and provides relocation assistance for individuals entering the COO Development Program and subsequently relocating to their CEO position.

    Is this a paid position?

    Yes. The COO Development Program position is titled COO and is a full-time paid and benefit-eligible position.

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