Employee Training & Education

  • We are deeply dedicated to our employees' careers and offer a variety of opportunities for continuous improvement and learning.

    From college internships to our Chief Operating Officer (COO) program and from online modules to national conferences, Select Medical provides resources for individuals at all career levels. In fact, some of our continuing education programs offer up to 200 courses, making Select Medical a leader in the industry.

    • Weekend Courses offered on a variety of topics across the country
    • Select Medical's Virtual Campus (SMVC) offers numerous accredited web-based continuing education courses on demand. Other online resources include study groups, clinical bulletin boards and journal clubs.
    • Monthly Training Sessions for administrators, clinical leadership and quality directors are held at our Pennsylvania headquarters.
    • Tuition Assistance is provided for job-related training and degrees.
    • Specialty Training for Hand Therapy Learn More

Family of Brands

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