Post Acute Care

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    Caitlyn Cota

    Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta, Georgia

    Caitlyn Cota is a dancer. During her high school years, she was injured during a performance. The resulting pain grew worse over time and eventually she was treated with a surgically implanted spinal cord stimulator. A few years later, the stimulator needed to be replaced. Surgery to replace the device went well, but a month after that Caitlyn became very ill. She developed a spinal abscess and was in septic shock as a result of a serious staph infection. Following surgery to remove the infected device, Caitlyn was referred to Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta for four weeks of IV antibiotics and physical therapy. Caitlyn knew a lot about Select already. Her grandmother, one of her favorite people in the world, had received great care at Select Specialty a few years before, after suffering a stroke. Caitlyn was particularly fond of a certain clinician at Select. Her mother, Susan, worked there as an Advanced Practice Nurse. While a patient at Select, Caitlyn did more than just recover physically. She completed a semester of college with a 4.0 average, celebrated her 21st birthday and discharged home to the loving care of her mother and grandmother. Caitlyn has also since returned to what she enjoys most, teaching dance.

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