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    Kramer Beverage Company expressed their satisfaction with the WorkStrategies Injury Prevention Program to Ed Malloy, Vice President, of NovaCare Rehabilitation's Southern New Jersey market. DJ Nork is a valued member of the New Jersey WorkStrategies team.


    I wanted to tell you that DJ Nork once again delivered a terrific injury prevention program to our delivery drivers. We have a 15 year relationship with Jaime Gabel and DJ that has absolutely taken our injury prevention program to the next level. DJ delivers with passion and purpose. He has gained the trust and respect of our teamsters, which is no easy feat. The fact he has taken the time to ride with a driver and spent time with our night loaders has increased his credibility with our drivers and loaders.  He is able to speak to them from the trenches and we commented yesterday that he is one of a few speakers that is able to grab their attention completely.

    I appreciate that if I tell DJ that we have had a number of shoulder injuries or hernias, he will tailor his program to provide specific and helpful information to prevent additional injuries.

    I have boasted about DJ to several colleagues through our insurance and distributor connections and have had them observe DJ in action at Kramer Beverage.  I have told them that I am happy to share DJ as long as he is not too busy to come back to Kramer a couple of times a year.

    I want to thank NovaCare Rehabilitation for sharing this terrific resource with us and hope that we can continue our relationship for years to come.


    Cynthia Stone, PHR

    HR Manager

    Kramer Beverage Company

    Hammonton, NJ

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