Organizations and Causes

  • Select Medical is proud to have worked with the following organizations and causes:

    • Adopt-A-Highway
    • Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
    • ALS Association
    • Alzheimer's Association
    • American Cancer Society
    • American Heart Association
    • American Lung Association
    • American Red Cross
    • American RSDHope
    • America's Second Harvest
    • Amputee Coalition of America
    • Angels Among Us
    • Arthritis Foundation
    • Autism Speaks
    • Bethesda Mission (PA)
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Boys & Girls Club
    • Camp Curtin (PA)
    • Camp Koala (PA)
    • Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank
    • Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
    • Channels Food Rescue (PA)
    • Children's Miracle Network
    • Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
    • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    • Daughters of Israel (NJ)
    • Doctors Without Borders
    • Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry Counties (PA)
    • Dress for Success (PA)
    • Easter Seals Society
    • FAIR Fund
    • Fairmont Park Conservancy (PA)
    • Fort Smith Children's Emergency Shelter (AR)
    • Four Diamonds Fund
    • Freedom Isn't Free, Inc.
    • Gamut Theatre Group (PA)
    • Girls in the Game (IL)
    • Girls on the Run
    • Golden Harvest Food Bank (GA)
    • Good Shepherd Foundation
    • Goodwill Industries
    • Greater Cincinnati Foundation
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Harrisburg Academy
    • Harrisburg Area Community College
    • Harrisburg Public School Foundation
    • Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra
    • Harrisburg University
    • Harvesters - The Community
    • Food Network (MO)
    • Haven of Rest (OH)
    • Humane Society
    • Illinois State Soccer Association
    • Indo-American Charity Foundation (TX)
    • International Brain Research
    • Foundation, Inc.
    • Jesus House (OK)
    • Jewish Home Foundation (NJ)
    • Junior Achievement, Inc.
    • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
    • Kallan's Klan (PA)
    • Kessler Foundation (NJ)
    • Kidney Association (IN)
    • La Salle University (PA)
    • Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable
    • Foundation (PA)
    • Learning Lamp (PA)
    • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    • Make-A-Wish Foundation
    • March of Dimes Foundation
    • MDA - Muscular Dystrophy Association
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Memorial Hospital Foundation (CA)
    • Mid-Ohio Food Bank
    • Mid-Michigan Food Bank
    • M.S. Hershey Foundation
    • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    • Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art (PA)
    • Neumann Scholarship Foundation (PA)
    • Norton Healthcare Foundation (KY)
    • Oklahoma Food Bank
    • Old Newsboys of Flint, Inc. (MI)
    • Pennsylvania Regional Ballet
    • Pensacola Junior College Foundation
    • PinnacleHealth Foundation (PA)
    • Recycle Bicycle (PA)
    • Ronald McDonald House Charities
    • Saint Barnabas Medical Center
    • Foundation (NJ)
    • Saint Joseph’s University
    • Salvation Army
    • Seashore Gardens Foundation (NJ)
    • Select Medical Disaster Relief Fund
    • Silence of Mary Home (PA)
    • Special Olympics
    • Spina Bifida Resource Network
    • St. Baldrick's Foundation
    • St. Francis House - Gainesville (FL)
    • St. Francis Soup Kitchen (PA)
    • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    • Star of Hope Mission (TX)
    • Summa Hospitals Foundation (OH)
    • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
    • Tennessee Hospital Hospitality Houses
    • Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
    • Turning Point Elderly Homeless Center (TX)
    • United Cerebral Palsy
    • United Way
    • Uplifting Athletes
    • Vinnie's Kids, Inc. (PA)
    • Vista School (PA)
    • Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    • Western Kentucky University
    • Westmoreland County Food Bank (PA)
    • Westmoreland Hospital Foundation (PA)
    • Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts (PA)
    • Wounded Warriors Project
    • YMCA / YWCA (various)

What People are Saying

Eric LeGrand formatted

Eric LeGrand

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

The first thing you notice about Eric LeGrand is his smile. It’s a warm, engaging smile that reflects a quiet maturity and deep inner strength. It also belies a... View more

Joshua Speidel

Select Specialty Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

An honor student. A talented basketball player with a full-ride scholarship to Vermont State. At 18, Joshua Speidel was ready to tackle the world. But in February 2015, tragedy struck. View more
Linda and David Kubert formatted

Linda and David Kubert

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

Most married couples share interests and enjoy spending time together. But Linda and David Kubert have taken togetherness to a new level.  They were out for a ride... View more

Melinda Minton

Select Specialty Hospital-Denver, Colorado

Melinda Minton was healthy and adventurous, raising two girls and having fun traveling overseas. In July 2010, while visiting a friend in Denver, Melinda fell ill with... View more

George Plummer

Select Specialty Hospital, Camp Hill, PA

George Plummer woke up in our hospital on a ventilator and with a tracheotomy from an unexpected complication during his cancer surgery. He would later learn that his chances for recovery were very grim. View more

Ann Thomas

Select Specialty Hospital, Erie, PA

Ann Thomas had a full calendar. She worked in a physician’s office and taught a medical terminology class at a local technical school. When she wasn’t at work or teaching, she could be found on snowboard runs and horseback riding trails. In the midst of her active life, Ann was diagnosed with a brain tumor. View more

Charles Loftis

Regency Hospital of Meridian, Mississippi

Charles Loftis prides himself on his family, especially his grandchildren. He's grateful to be back in Butler, Alabama, where he lives with his wife and two Jack Russell... View more

Carolyn Abeyta

Regency Hospital of Central Georgia, Georgia

Carolyn Abeyta considers herself a "can do" girl. The physicians and staff at Regency Hospital of Central Georgia call her a miracle. Carolyn's story began with a simple... View more
Courtney King Dye formatted

Courtney King Dye

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

To be an Olympic athlete takes great skill, determination and perseverance. Rehabilitation requires the same qualities.  For Courtney King Dye, an equestrian who... View more

Barbara Saunders

Regency Hospital-Northwest Indiana, Indiana

Barbara Saunders taught social studies to junior high students for 32 years and loved it. She was preparing lesson plans one January when she grew weak and her legs gave... View more

Judy Barth

Select Specialty Hospital-North Knoxville, Tennessee

Judy Barth was working in her yard when she experienced what she thought was heartburn. The pain increased to the point that she called for help. The last thing she... View more

Drew Daniel

Select Specialty Hospital, Tallahassee, FL

The day after Thanksgiving 2014, William “Drew” Daniel was admitted to a hospital with an electrolyte imbalance so drastic, the doctors, nurses and therapists were not confident he would survive. View more

Nell Jenkins

Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta, Georgia

Summer of 2010, Nell and Sammy Jenkins, both in their 80s, lost their Waynesboro, Georgia home to a house fire. They moved in with their kids until the house could be... View more

Brad Henry

Select Specialty Hospital-Springfield, Missouri

Brad Henry, a 45-year-old international customer service representative, had just celebrated his youngest son's birthday. During the next few days, Brad found himself... View more

Janice Cooks

Regency Hospital-Columbus, Ohio

Janice Cooks thought she was having an asthma attack. It turned out to be something much more serious, necrotizing pneumonia. She was admitted to ICU in respiratory... View more

Patricia Aughtry

Select Specialty Hospital, Erie, PA

When Patricia Aughtry was admitted to our hospital in January 2015, she was in respiratory failure and significant medical issues. As if her complex medical condition wasn’t stressful enough, her family’s choice to send her to our hospital meant she would be a 90-minute drive away. View more

Joel Zito

Select Specialty Hospital-Macomb, Michigan

Nineteen-year-old Joel Zito was attending Oakland University with a focus in pre-med. On March 27, 2010, he was helping some friends move a large soccer net when it fell... View more
SSM-PT small

Jet Aviation


"Over the last two years, Jet Aviation and SSM Physical Therapy have been able to achieve the main goal of reducing muscle strain injuries over 60% and reduce cost associated with these types of injuries." View more

Caitlyn Cota

Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta, Georgia

Caitlyn Cota is a dancer. During her high school years, she was injured during a performance. The resulting pain grew worse over time and eventually she was treated with... View more

Kramer Beverage Company

New Jersey

...DJ Nork once again delivered a terrific injury prevention program to our delivery drivers. View more

Kirk Cordray

Select Specialty Hospital, Akron, OH

Kirkland Cordray is a typical, adventurous teenager. If his face wasn’t buried in a book, he was riding his skateboard. A freak accident while on his skateboard left 17-year-old Kirk with multiple fractures, a chest tube and ventilator dependent. View more
Jean Altomari formatted

Jean Altomari

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

“I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know the best is still ahead of me.”   Jean Altomari and a group of friends were enjoying a terrific Caribbean cruise.... View more

Gary Liddy

Select Specialty Hospital, Akron, OH

While playing with his grandchildren, Gary Liddy felt a tingling sensation in his fingers. By the next day, the tingling spread. Within 24 hours, he was on a ventilator and unconscious. View more

Mary Boston

Select Specialty Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

Mary Boston thought she had the flu. She felt out of sorts, feverish and tired. But she had no idea how sick she really was. View more
Windham Weaponry Logo

Windham Weaponry


...early intervention program has helped us to enjoy yet another annual drop in our workers' compensation insurance premiums. View more
Lamar Baker formated

Lamar Baker

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

When he walked, Lamar Baker felt like there was a golf ball stuck under his foot. His doctors initially thought it might be a strain, but further testing led to a... View more

Alexandra Crawford

Select Specialty Hospital, Memphis, TN

Alexandra Crawford had just met the love of her life. At 28, she was healthy and looking forward to her happily ever after. But in July 2014, problems with her tonsils, neck pain and associated swelling sent her to the emergency room. A third ER visit revealed a tonsillar abscess. She was placed on a ventilator. View more

Stacy Simon

Select Specialty Hospital, Grosse Pointe, MI

Every day at the local mental health counseling and advocacy center, Stacy Simon’s mission is to offer hope. “I believe in spreading love and love will come back in return,” he said. Stacy developed pneumonia and was admitted to our hospital in January 2015. He was ventilator dependent and unable to talk. View more

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