Post Acute Care

  • Testimonial_Abeyta

    Carolyn Abeyta

    Regency Hospital of Central Georgia, Georgia

    Carolyn Abeyta considers herself a "can do" girl. The physicians and staff at Regency Hospital of Central Georgia call her a miracle. Carolyn's story began with a simple fall at home. A few days after, she noticed she was dizzy, short of breath and could hear a clicking noise when she inhaled. Carolyn was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. As she worsened she was eventually transferred to another medical center and placed on a ventilator. Her "little fall" had resulted in blunt chest trauma and multiple rib fractures injuring her lungs. She developed a resistant staph infection and adult respiratory distress syndrome along with several other complicating factors. After weeks of treatment and failed attempts at weaning, Carolyn was sent to Regency Hospital. At Regency, Carolyn was finally able to wean from the ventilator, recovered from her infections and worked with therapy to regain her strength and mobility. Carolyn's husband was by her side the entire time, a vital member of the care team. Carolyn's first memory after her ordeal was looking up at the face of her "beautiful physician." Carolyn says, "I got my life back at Regency."

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