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    Charles Loftis

    Regency Hospital of Meridian, Mississippi

    Charles Loftis prides himself on his family, especially his grandchildren. He's grateful to be back in Butler, Alabama, where he lives with his wife and two Jack Russell terriers. It wasn't long ago Charles and his family weren't so sure he would ever come home again. He had been complaining of shortness of breath and a trip to the doctor revealed he had heart blockages requiring open heart surgery. The news caught him by surprise as he had been working and driving a tow motor just the day before. Charles survived the surgery but developed a resistant staph infection of the sternum that almost took his life. 86 days and four surgeries later, Charles remained in critical condition, unable to breathe on his own. His family and physicians had him transferred to Regency Hospital of Meridian, in Mississippi. For two months, Charles continued in critical condition, failing multiple attempts to wean from the ventilator. It eventually became doubtful he would recover, but his physicians and family decided to hope against hope a little bit longer. Finally, Charles began to respond. He continued to progress, came off the ventilator and got up and walked again. After his discharge from Regency Hospital, he spent one month in a rehabilitation facility. Today, Charles is back home in Butler, enjoying two new grandchildren!

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