Post Acute Care

  • Testimonial_Barth

    Judy Barth

    Select Specialty Hospital-North Knoxville, Tennessee

    Judy Barth was working in her yard when she experienced what she thought was heartburn. The pain increased to the point that she called for help. The last thing she remembers is scrambling for her insurance cards and passing out. Her next memory is one month later when she woke up at Select Specialty Hospital-North Knoxville. Judy had gone into cardiac arrest and was admitted to the local medical center where she was treated and stabilized. Doctors were concerned that a lack of oxygen might have affected her brain. Judy spent almost a month unconscious and on a ventilator in the ICU. She was referred to Select Specialty Hospital in hopes of getting her off the ventilator and functioning again. During her two-week stay at Select Specialty Hospital, Judy woke up, got off the ventilator and beat the odds by discharging home. A few weeks later, Judy drove from Tennessee to Pennsylvania and New Jersey to visit relatives. She has since returned to work and walks one to two miles every day. Judy attributes her success to the support of her daughter, the caring staff at Select Specialty Hospital and a friend who bakes great rum cakes!

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