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    Melinda Minton

    Select Specialty Hospital-Denver, Colorado

    Melinda Minton was healthy and adventurous, raising two girls and having fun traveling overseas. In July 2010, while visiting a friend in Denver, Melinda fell ill with what she thought was the flu. After passing out and being found on the floor, she was taken to a hospital in multisystem failure and placed on a ventilator. The diagnosis was necrotizing faciitis, a deadly infection sometimes commonly referred to as flesh-eating bacteria. She spent more than a month and a half in ICU receiving antibiotic therapy and multiple surgical debridements. She was then referred to Select Specialty Hospital - Denver with a tracheostomy and extensive wounds. By that time, Melinda had lost part of her tongue and upper lip to the disease. She eventually ended up having below the knee amputations of both legs as well. With her daughters as inspiration and the help of her clinical team at Select, Melinda continued to get better. After almost two months at Select, her respiratory issues were resolved, wounds were healing and she was ready to go home. Since then, there have been many plastic surgeries and a lot of hard work in rehab. Today, you are likely to find Melinda trekking through the Colorado Mountains with a big smile and prosthetic legs that have pictures of her daughters printed on the front of each leg.

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