Post Acute Care

  • Josh-Speidel

    Joshua Speidel

    Select Specialty Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

    An honor student. A talented basketball player with a full-ride scholarship to Vermont State. At 18, Joshua Speidel was ready to tackle the world.

    But in February 2015, tragedy struck. His car was T-boned by another driver. At the hospital, his family was told that Joshua would never wake up. And if he did, he would never breathe on his own.

    As the community rallied with fundraisers and vigils for their hometown hero, Joshua was transferred to us. After only three days, this determined young man had a rally of his own. He woke up. Eventually, he was weaned from the ventilator. Continuing to defy the odds, he took his first steps. At discharge, his nurses wept with joy as he joined his family with renewed hope for the future.

    Josh is speaking, walking and has regained much functionality. He joyfully accepted his high school diploma with the rest of his classmates. With his family, he is eagerly anticipating his next milestone.

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