Post Acute Care

  • Ann-Thomas

    Ann Thomas

    Select Specialty Hospital, Erie, PA

    At 26, Ann Thomas had a full calendar. She worked in a physician’s office and taught a medical terminology class at a local technical school. When she wasn’t at work or teaching, she could be found on snowboard runs, horseback riding trails or anywhere else she could be outside.

    In the midst of her active life, Ann began experiencing headaches. Six months after the headaches began she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Ann endured multiple surgeries and complications. She developed meningitis. In October 2015, Ann was sent to our hospital.

    Upon admission, she was on a ventilator, had a tracheotomy and was frequently confused. With the support of her loving mother and the staff, Ann put her all into daily therapy.

    At discharge, Ann could walk with assistance, eat and breathe independently and was alert and oriented. Her sparkling, happy personality returned.

    While she’s had to trade her horse for a scooter temporarily, she and her mother are determined to get her back in the saddle someday.

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