Post Acute Care

  • Kirk-Cordray

    Kirk Cordray

    Select Specialty Hospital, Akron, OH

    Kirkland Cordray is a typical, adventurous teenager. If his face wasn’t buried in a book, he was riding his skateboard. A freak accident while on his skateboard left 17-year-old Kirk, as he likes to be called, with multiple fractures, a chest tube and ventilator dependent.

    Kirk came to our hospital in October 2014. This once-active 11th grader was bedbound for three months. During that time, he learned to walk all over again. He also learned to adapt to the many aspects of his new normal.

    When he was well enough, Kirk was discharged to a rehabilitation facility where his recovery continues.

    Recently, he returned to the hospital to thank the team for making him work and for the tough love he received along the way.

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