Post Acute Care

  • Alexandra-Crawford

    Alexandra Crawford

    Select Specialty Hospital, Memphis, TN

    Alexandra Alvis Crawford, a single mother with a toddler and newborn son, had just met David, the love of her life. At 28, she was healthy and looking forward to her happily ever after. But in July 2014, problems with her tonsils, neck pain and associated swelling sent her to the emergency room twice. Doctors originally suspected an allergic reaction and sent her home, but a third ER visit revealed a tonsillar abscess. She was placed on a ventilator.

    Alexandra came to our hospital immobile and unresponsive, unable to be a mom to her boys. Her relationship with David was at a standstill. At times, her extended family feared they would lose her.

    While at our hospital, she underwent successful thoracic surgery. She was weaned from her ventilator and her surgical wound healed completely. After two and a half months of perseverance, Alexandra finally went home to her boys and David. At discharge, she could move freely from her bed to a chair, walk more than 450 feet with an assistive device, eat a regular diet and speak without difficulty.

    This past Valentine’s Day, Alexandra walked down the aisle to meet the man who stood by her all those months. She is excitedly embracing her family’s future.

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