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    Linda and David Kubert

    Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

    Most married couples share interests and enjoy spending time together. But Linda and David Kubert have taken togetherness to a new level.  They were out for a ride on Dave’s beloved motorcycle, when a young driver who was texting at the time crashed into them. The Kuberts suffered multiple injuries, and underwent the amputation of their left legs – Linda below the knee, Dave above the knee.


    “Getting back up on our feet was the easy part; it was the emotional part that was hard… This didn’t have to happen, but we know how lucky we are. It could have been a lot worse.”


    Over the course of their treatment in Kessler’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program, they shared the many challenges they faced, shared their fears and frustration, and shared in each other’s progress. ”We’ve been able to find a new ‘normal’ and with the help of our treatment teams, reached most of our goals.”


    One goal the Kuberts are working towards is to have new laws enacted that will impose serious penalties on distracted drivers – those who talk, text or use their cell phones while driving. Linda and Dave have become leading advocates and are working with state legislators and national organizations to increase awareness of this issue and make cell-free driving a reality.


    Learn more about Kessler’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program.

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