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    Jet Aviation


    Environmental Health & Safety Department
    Jet Aviation, St. Louis
    6400 Curtiss-Steinberg, IL 62206

    SSM Physical Therapy 

    3446 McKelvey Rd.
    Bridgeton, MO 63044

    November 23, 2015 

    It gives me great pleasure to offer this letter as a testament on behalf of Environmental Health and Safety Department at Jet Aviation St. Louis regarding the partnership programs associated with SSM Physical Therapy. In late 2013 Jet Aviation teamed up with SSM Physical Therapy, led by staff member Patte Ackermann, PT & Meghan Gravlin, PT, OPT. With the direction of Patte & Meghan, two new programs were implemented at Jet Aviation's St. Louis site: Stretch Flex and Body Mechanics. The main goal of these two programs was to reduce injuries and lower cost associated with muscle strain that employees were developing from performing their daily work task. These programs were developed to help teach employees the correct body position and techniques when lifting, pushing, or turning to help reduce high risk behaviors that were leading to muscle strain injuries. Over the two years, our staff at Jet Aviation has grown and embraces the SSM staff members as part of our occupation because of their positive attitude, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile.


    Over the last two years Jet Aviation and SSM Physical therapy have been able to achieve the main goal of reduce muscle strain injuries over 60% and reduce its cost associated with these types of injuries. Before implementing these two programs, Jet Aviation was averaging 25 injuries related to muscle strains which caused an average annual cost of $293,667.00 (using data from 2009 to 2013). Over the last two years, Jet Aviation, St. Louis has been able to trend an average 11 muscle strain injuries with average annual cost of $50,763.00. Attached are two graphs, which demonstrate the trend line of muscle strain injuries and cost over the last seven year. As a company, Jet Aviation continues to commitment its effects to help improve employees' health and safety and would like to thank SSM for the opportunity to partner with their services in regards to helping us provide a health and safe work environment to its' employees.


    Doug Polzin, EHS Specialist II

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