• At Select Medical, our patients are our inspiration. Many of our patients have contacted us to share their stories, and we are glad to share them here.

  • Post Acute Care
    • Testimonial: Barbara Saunders Regency Hospital-Northwest Indiana, Indiana


      Barbara Saunders taught social studies to junior high students for 32 years and loved it. She was preparing lesson plans one January when she grew… View more

    • Testimonial: Carolyn Abeyta Regency Hospital of Central Georgia, Georgia


      Carolyn Abeyta considers herself a "can do" girl. The physicians and staff at Regency Hospital of Central Georgia call her a miracle. Carolyn's story… View more

    • Testimonial: Courtney King Dye Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      Courtney King Dye formatted

      To be an Olympic athlete takes great skill, determination and perseverance. Rehabilitation requires the same qualities.  For Courtney King Dye,… View more

    • Testimonial: Linda and David Kubert Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      Linda and David Kubert formatted

      Most married couples share interests and enjoy spending time together. But Linda and David Kubert have taken togetherness to a new level.  They… View more

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