Post Acute Care

    • Testimonial_Cooks

      Janice Cooks Regency Hospital-Columbus, Ohio

      Janice Cooks thought she was having an asthma attack. It turned out to be something much more serious, necrotizing pneumonia. She was admitted to ICU in respiratory failure and was put on a ventilator. Her family was told she had a 50-percent chance… View more

    • Testimonial_Henry

      Brad Henry Select Specialty Hospital-Springfield, Missouri

      Brad Henry, a 45-year-old international customer service representative, had just celebrated his youngest son's birthday. During the next few days, Brad found himself getting sick. He was admitted to the hospital with a high fever, wheezing and… View more

    • Testimonial_Cota

      Caitlyn Cota Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta, Georgia

      Caitlyn Cota is a dancer. During her high school years, she was injured during a performance. The resulting pain grew worse over time and eventually she was treated with a surgically implanted spinal cord stimulator. A few years later, the… View more

    • Testimonial_Jenkins

      Nell Jenkins Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta, Georgia

      Summer of 2010, Nell and Sammy Jenkins, both in their 80s, lost their Waynesboro, Georgia home to a house fire. They moved in with their kids until the house could be rebuilt. By fall, the couple was ready to live independently again, so they moved… View more

    • Drew-Daniel

      Drew Daniel Select Specialty Hospital, Tallahassee, FL

      The day after Thanksgiving 2014, William “Drew” Daniel, 30, was admitted to a hospital with an electrolyte imbalance so drastic, the doctors, nurses and therapists were not confident he would survive. For the next 33 days, in the hospital’s ICU,… View more

    • Kirk-Cordray

      Kirk Cordray Select Specialty Hospital, Akron, OH

      Kirkland Cordray is a typical, adventurous teenager. If his face wasn’t buried in a book, he was riding his skateboard. A freak accident while on his skateboard left 17-year-old Kirk, as he likes to be called, with multiple fractures, a chest tube… View more

    • Testimonial_Barth

      Judy Barth Select Specialty Hospital-North Knoxville, Tennessee

      Judy Barth was working in her yard when she experienced what she thought was heartburn. The pain increased to the point that she called for help. The last thing she remembers is scrambling for her insurance cards and passing out. Her next memory is… View more

    • Testimonial_Saunders

      Barbara Saunders Regency Hospital-Northwest Indiana, Indiana

      Barbara Saunders taught social studies to junior high students for 32 years and loved it. She was preparing lesson plans one January when she grew weak and her legs gave way. Barbara was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with necrotizing… View more

    • Stacy-Simon

      Stacy Simon Select Specialty Hospital, Grosse Pointe, MI

      Every day at the local mental health counseling and advocacy center, Stacy Simon’s mission is to offer hope. “I believe in spreading love and love will come back in return,” he said.Already a diabetic, Stacy, 48, developed pneumonia and was admitted… View more

    • Ann-Thomas

      Ann Thomas Select Specialty Hospital, Erie, PA

      At 26, Ann Thomas had a full calendar. She worked in a physician’s office and taught a medical terminology class at a local technical school. When she wasn’t at work or teaching, she could be found on snowboard runs, horseback riding trails or… View more

    • Testimonial_Zito

      Joel Zito Select Specialty Hospital-Macomb, Michigan

      Nineteen-year-old Joel Zito was attending Oakland University with a focus in pre-med. On March 27, 2010, he was helping some friends move a large soccer net when it fell and struck his head. Joel was rushed to the local medical center with skull… View more

    • Josh-Speidel

      Joshua Speidel Select Specialty Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

      An honor student. A talented basketball player with a full-ride scholarship to Vermont State. At 18, Joshua Speidel was ready to tackle the world. But in February 2015, tragedy struck. His car was T-boned by another driver. At the hospital, his… View more

    • Mary-Boston

      Mary Boston Select Specialty Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

      Mary Boston thought she had the flu. She felt out of sorts, feverish and tired. But she had no idea how sick she really was. As her husband and sister attempted to convince her to go to the hospital, Mary collapsed. In the ambulance, EMTs… View more

    • Testimonial_Abeyta

      Carolyn Abeyta Regency Hospital of Central Georgia, Georgia

      Carolyn Abeyta considers herself a "can do" girl. The physicians and staff at Regency Hospital of Central Georgia call her a miracle. Carolyn's story began with a simple fall at home. A few days after, she noticed she was dizzy, short of breath and… View more

    • Testimonial_Loftis

      Charles Loftis Regency Hospital of Meridian, Mississippi

      Charles Loftis prides himself on his family, especially his grandchildren. He's grateful to be back in Butler, Alabama, where he lives with his wife and two Jack Russell terriers. It wasn't long ago Charles and his family weren't so sure he would… View more

    • Testimonial_Minton

      Melinda Minton Select Specialty Hospital-Denver, Colorado

      Melinda Minton was healthy and adventurous, raising two girls and having fun traveling overseas. In July 2010, while visiting a friend in Denver, Melinda fell ill with what she thought was the flu. After passing out and being found on the floor, she… View more

    • Alexandra-Crawford

      Alexandra Crawford Select Specialty Hospital, Memphis, TN

      Alexandra Alvis Crawford, a single mother with a toddler and newborn son, had just met David, the love of her life. At 28, she was healthy and looking forward to her happily ever after. But in July 2014, problems with her tonsils, neck pain and… View more

    • George-Plummer

      George Plummer Select Specialty Hospital, Camp Hill, PA

      George Plummer woke up in our hospital on a ventilator and with a tracheotomy from an unexpected complication during his cancer surgery.  He would later learn that his chances for recovery were very grim.   Unable to speak and coupled with a… View more

    • Gary-Liddy

      Gary Liddy Select Specialty Hospital, Akron, OH

      While playing with his grandchildren, Gary Liddy felt a tingling sensation in his fingers. By the next day, the tingling spread. He drove to the hospital, but was unable to get out of the car by himself. Within 24 hours, the 59-year-old was on a… View more

    • Patricia-Aughtry

      Patricia Aughtry Select Specialty Hospital, Erie, PA

      For Patricia Aughtry, caring for her family and honoring her late husband’s service to our country were her life’s cornerstones. As an active mother, grandmother and American Legion Auxiliary volunteer, the 66-year-old was their center as well. When… View more

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