Post Acute Care

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    Janice Cooks

    Regency Hospital-Columbus, Ohio

    Janice Cooks thought she was having an asthma attack. It turned out to be something much more serious, necrotizing pneumonia. She was admitted to ICU in respiratory failure and was put on a ventilator. Her family was told she had a 50-percent chance of surviving. This was hard to believe as she had been working full time and fully active just days before. A little more than a month later, Janice was referred to Regency Hospital-Columbus where she could continue her antibiotics and wean from the ventilator. Janice and her family had always been upbeat and optimistic, so they approached her illness with the same attitude. They stayed by her side, lifting her up at every turn. "The staff at Regency was wonderful to me." She says, "I call them my angels." Janice weaned from the ventilator and worked hard in therapy to get strong enough to go home. When she discharged, Janice was taken down the hallway in a wheelchair. Before she got to the door, she insisted on walking the rest of the way just to prove she could. "My husband was holding me up and I was dragging him along. It was time to go home!" Janice has returned to Regency several times to visit and thank the staff.

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