Post Acute Care

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    Nell Jenkins

    Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta, Georgia

    Summer of 2010, Nell and Sammy Jenkins, both in their 80s, lost their Waynesboro, Georgia home to a house fire. They moved in with their kids until the house could be rebuilt. By fall, the couple was ready to live independently again, so they moved several hours away to a house they owned in the mountains. During a trip back home to visit, they had a terrible automobile accident. Nell was badly injured and taken by helicopter to an Atlanta trauma unit. Her life was spared, but she was left with a traumatic brain injury, unconscious and on a ventilator. Doctors were doubtful she would survive. Eleven days later, Nell was transferred to Select Specialty Hospital-Augusta to see if she could recover and wean from the ventilator. Her son says, "Every move we made, God led us to the right place." Her family was by her side constantly. Nell eventually weaned from the ventilator, woke up and attempted speaking. After 39 days at Select, she was ready to go to rehab for continued therapy. Spring of 2011, Nell and Sammy finally returned to their newly renovated home in Waynesboro. With the help of family and some wonderful sitters, the couple enjoys living in their own home again and sitting outside on their porch.

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