Post Acute Care

  • Stacy-Simon

    Stacy Simon

    Select Specialty Hospital, Grosse Pointe, MI

    Every day at the local mental health counseling and advocacy center, Stacy Simon’s mission is to offer hope. “I believe in spreading love and love will come back in return,” he said.

    Already a diabetic, Stacy, 48, developed pneumonia and was admitted to our hospital in January 2015. He was ventilator dependent, in respiratory failure, severely malnourished and unable to talk due to his tracheostomy. For the next six weeks, a team of physicians and therapists went into action. By the end of his stay, Stacy was weaned off of the ventilator and feeding tube. He began walking with assistance.

    A few short months after discharge, Stacy walked through our front doors for a visit. Standing tall, he thanked his caregivers for giving him a second chance.

    Stacy is happy to be back with his loving and supportive family and looks forward to traveling the world.

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