Post Acute Care

  • Mary-Boston

    Mary Boston

    Select Specialty Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

    Mary Boston thought she had the flu. She felt out of sorts, feverish and tired. But she had no idea how sick she really was.

    As her husband and sister attempted to convince her to go to the hospital, Mary collapsed. In the ambulance, EMTs discovered she was at 10% oxygenation saturation. Her legs turned blue. Upon arrival, Mary was immediately intubated and placed on a ventilator. Her diagnosis — Legionella Pneumonia.

    Mary was placed in a medically-induced coma. Her first real memory was being transported via ambulance from the short-term acute care hospital to Select Specialty Hospital’s Phoenix location.

    She had significant obstacles to overcome, but, Mary said, she realized the people at Select wanted her to get better. Their hopeful attitude motivated her. “The first day my physical therapist came to me, I was only able to take one or two shuffled steps,” Mary said. “But she encouraged me and, after that session, I really realized how much she cared about me. That drove me to want to do all I could do in physical therapy.”

    Over the course of her stay, Mary was weaned from her ventilator and regained her ability to breathe on her own. She learned to walk and talk again. She even began eating again. “It was a real blessing to get back to eating normally,” Mary recalled. “One of the first things I ate was chocolate pudding. That was the best tasting chocolate pudding I have had in my entire life.”

    Eventually, Mary was able to go home – oxygen-free – with her husband. She later returned to work as a legal secretary.

    With her life back to normal, Mary said her time at Select inspired a new way of looking at it. “Attitude is everything,” Mary said. “It’s about how the patient looks at it. But it’s as much about the approach of caregivers. Select gave me the opportunity to do what I needed to do to get better.”

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