Post Acute Care

  • George-Plummer

    George Plummer

    Select Specialty Hospital, Camp Hill, PA

    George Plummer woke up in our hospital on a ventilator and with a tracheotomy from an unexpected complication during his cancer surgery.  He would later learn that his chances for recovery were very grim.


    Unable to speak and coupled with a fear of having to live with the medical equipment for the rest of his life, depression quickly set in. The staff members at Select were determined not to let depression get the best of George.


    At times, George felt like the only person in the hospital – because someone was always with him – to sit with him, hold his hand or simply talk to him – even when he couldn’t talk back. George’s condition steadily improved – his trach was removed and eventually he was weaned off of the ventilator.


    George is now home, creating his beautiful woodworking masterpieces and thankful for all the moments he has in life - moments he thought were gone forever. George can now look back fondly at his time with Select – in his words, “They treated me like family. The morale was outstanding. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have made it. They mean a lot to me.”

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