Post Acute Care

  • Drew-Daniel

    Drew Daniel

    Select Specialty Hospital, Tallahassee, FL

    The day after Thanksgiving 2014, William “Drew” Daniel, 30, was admitted to a hospital with an electrolyte imbalance so drastic, the doctors, nurses and therapists were not confident he would survive. For the next 33 days, in the hospital’s ICU, Drew survived multiple organ failure, blood pressure problems, heart problems, acute respiratory failure, a tracheostomy, ventilator dependency, a collapsed lung and chest tube, digestive system failure and brain swelling so severe that the neurologist gave his family little hope for recovery. At one point, this 6’4” man weighed just 118 pounds.

    Drew was transferred to our hospital in order to be weaned off the ventilator. Individually and collectively, the team challenged Drew and his body daily. Drew was able to be weaned from his ventilator, and the physical and occupational therapy teams helped Drew regain his ability to walk and swallow.

    Drew worked very hard and has made a nearly-full recovery. He is thankful to the entire staff in Tallahassee for helping him recover. He’s back living on his own and working to self-publish a book of poetry.

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