• Jean Altomari formatted

      Jean Altomari Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      “I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know the best is still ahead of me.”   Jean Altomari and a group of friends were enjoying a terrific Caribbean cruise. They were on their way back to the ship from an onshore excursion in Cozumel,… View more

    • Courtney King Dye formatted

      Courtney King Dye Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      To be an Olympic athlete takes great skill, determination and perseverance. Rehabilitation requires the same qualities.  For Courtney King Dye, an equestrian who competed at the 2008 Beijing games, a riding accident put that in perspective. She… View more

    • Lamar Baker formated

      Lamar Baker Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      When he walked, Lamar Baker felt like there was a golf ball stuck under his foot. His doctors initially thought it might be a strain, but further testing led to a shattering diagosis. Lamar had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He was only 20 years… View more

    • Eric LeGrand formatted

      Eric LeGrand Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      The first thing you notice about Eric LeGrand is his smile. It’s a warm, engaging smile that reflects a quiet maturity and deep inner strength. It also belies a fierce determination to overcome a devastating spinal cord injury. During a Rutgers… View more

    • Linda and David Kubert formatted

      Linda and David Kubert Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, New Jersey

      Most married couples share interests and enjoy spending time together. But Linda and David Kubert have taken togetherness to a new level.  They were out for a ride on Dave’s beloved motorcycle, when a young driver who was texting at the time… View more

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