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    Windham Weaponry expressed their satisfaction with Select Medical's WorkStrategies program in a letter sent to one of our WorkStrategies Coordinators.  Click here to view the letter, or continue reading below.

    Dear Brian:

    I am writing this to let you know how pleased we are with your services to our employees on behalf of our company.  The arrangement we have with you to evaluate and treat, if required, our employee's injuries has been a resounding success.  Since our program with you enables us to send an employee at a very early stage, we are able to catch any potentially serious RMI's, or other injuries, before they become debilitatin.  As a result of idetnifying these situations early, we have been able to keep our employees working without serious injuries, and have virtually no Lost Time Injuries.  This early intervention program has helped us to enjoy yet another annual drop in our Workers Compensation Insurance premiums.  We have saved far more than we have spent with using your program, and our employees are also very pleased with the quick attention to any issues that they may be having.

    As an example, once an employee starts complaining about sore or painful muscles or tendons, we reevaluate their workstations, but we may also send them to your program for a quick evaluation.  Often, the employee only needs some specific training on stretching, etc to eliminate their pain issues and then avoid any serious injuries.  I believe we have been able to avoid any long term serious health injuries by using your program.


    Allen W. Faraday

    Exec VB of Operations

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