• Our specialty hospitals are designed for medically-complex and critically-ill patients who require a longer acute care hospitalization. The medical rehabilitation hospitals provide intensive rehabilitation to patients recovering from traumatic injuries and other serious conditions. Select Medical's Outpatient Division includes outpatient physical rehabilitation centers and contract therapy. The outpatient clinics provide a wide range of services including physical therapy, hand therapy, low back rehabilitation, work injury management, sports performance and other specialized services.

    • Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

      Select Medical's long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) primarily operate as Select Specialty Hospitals and Regency Hospitals. These hospitals provide highly specialized care to promote recovery from the most critical and complex medical conditions. Learn More »

    • Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals

      Select Medical’s highly regarded rehabilitation hospitals provide comprehensive physical medicine, as well as rehabilitation programs and services that optimize patient health, function and quality of life. Learn More »

    • Outpatient Rehabilitation

      Our outpatient clinical teams provide preventative and rehabilitative services that maximize functionality and promote well-being. Individualized treatment plans are developed to help achieve each patient's specific goals. These centers also offer specialized services focusing on areas as diverse as TMJ care, women's health and vestibular rehabilitation. Learn More »

    • Business Solutions

      Select Medical works with partners to deliver outstanding outcomes, based on collaborative, interpersonal working relationships. Learn More »


Family of Brands

West Gables Rehabilitation HospitalOhioHealth Rehabilitation HospitalConcentra
Select Physical TherapySacco BayHonorHealth
Select Specialty HospitalBaylor Institute for RehabilitationKort
PennState Rehabilitation HospitalSelect Rehabilitation DentonSan Antonio
SSM Physical Therapy - OutpatientKessler Insitute for Rehabilitation - OutpatientRegency Hospital
HMSRHSSM Rehabilitation HospitalKessler Insitute for Rehabilitation
Emory Rehab HospitalCleveland Clinic RehabilitationNovacare
PhysioEmory Rehab OP