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    Select Medical's WorkStrategies® Program partners with employers, case managers, payors and insurers to provide a comprehensive program focusing on three main components:

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    • Injury prevention
    • Physical rehabilitation and treatment
    • Return-to-work/case closure

    This overall process is successful through our reputable and industry-known workers' compensation continuum:

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    Hiring: We assist employers in identifying candidates who are capable of handling the physical demands of the job they are applying for. Our WorkStrategies specialists partner with employers to develop a reliable, job-specific test the employer can use as a barometer to determine the physical abilities of a candidate.

    Safety: Our WorkStrategies team assists employers in creating a safe environment for their employees. Through our comprehensive program of services, we can identify hazards and quantify risks that may be associated with the jobs being performed and design educational programs that help employees recognize and avoid risks associated with their work environment.

    Injury: When an injury occurs, the WorkStrategies® Program offers injured workers a goal-oriented, progressive and functional physical rehabilitation program based on their specific job demands. This program facilitates safe and rapid return to work.

    Recovery: In some cases, due to the severity of an injury, return to work may be longer than desired. This can result in deconditioning. Our specialized program offers work conditioning and work hardening that helps an injured worker become fully prepared to return to their job with a task-specific conditioning program.

    Closure: Managing the rehabilitation process of an injured worker, at times, may end with the individual unable to return to their original job. The WorkStrategies® Program offers Functional Capacity Testing that will identify the physical abilities of the injured worker, providing valuable information in the case closure process.

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