Injury Prevention

  • WorkStrategies® Injury Prevention Programs are designed to be integrated into the safety culture of a company. We work closely with safety professionals to identify where and to whom musculoskeletal injuries may occur and tailor educational programs to promote a safe working environment.

    Our prevention programs include:

    • Employee education and management to recognize musculoskeletal risks
    • Identifying ways to eliminate risk
    • Increasing awareness through education to minimize accumulated physical stress of the job
    • Providing customized stretching/warm-up programs to target the muscles employees use most throughout the day

What People are Saying

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Jet Aviation


"Over the last two years, Jet Aviation and SSM Physical Therapy have been able to achieve the main goal of reducing muscle strain injuries over 60% and reduce cost associated with these types of injuries." View more
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Windham Weaponry


...early intervention program has helped us to enjoy yet another annual drop in our workers' compensation insurance premiums. View more

Kramer Beverage Company

New Jersey

...DJ Nork once again delivered a terrific injury prevention program to our delivery drivers. View more

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