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    The Injury Management Update is a monthly communication published by the WorkStrategies team.  Our goal is to provide information on the prevention of work related injuries, current evidence on the management of work related musculoskeletal disorders, strategies to reduce the cost of workers' compensation claims, highlight local CEU course offerings, and serve as a resource on a wide range of workers' compensation topics/issues/trends.  If you would like to learn more, please feel free to Subscribe using the link below.  Past issues are also available in the link below.

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Windham Weaponry


...early intervention program has helped us to enjoy yet another annual drop in our workers' compensation insurance premiums. View more

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New Jersey

...DJ Nork once again delivered a terrific injury prevention program to our delivery drivers. View more
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Jet Aviation


"Over the last two years, Jet Aviation and SSM Physical Therapy have been able to achieve the main goal of reducing muscle strain injuries over 60% and reduce cost associated with these types of injuries." View more

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