World-class health care partnerships with a focus on excellence

At Select Medical we know the power of working together to achieve a shared goal or vision. Since our first large scale joint venture with St. Louis-based SSM Health in 2009, we have successfully partnered with dozens of leading organizations to elevate and advance health care across the country.

By joining together, the strength of one becomes the power of two which creates exciting opportunities that translate to superior care and outcomes - a win for all, but most important, for patients and their families.

It is through these valued partnerships that Select Medical has grown to become the largest provider of post-acute care across the U.S.

These relationships are also highly beneficial to our partners as Select Medical possesses:

  • Leadership position as a highly regarded national provider of specialized health care
  • Proven track record of clinical, operational and financial excellence
  • Deep connection with patients, families and referring medical professionals
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Stewardship of its partners’ heritage and culture

During the past nearly three decades, Select Medical has also made strategic acquisitions to establish and expand key sectors within its post-acute care portfolio.

Some of the largest transactions include:

  • U.S. Healthworks, Occupational Medicine, 2017
  • Physiotherapy Associates, Outpatient Rehabilitation, 2016
  • Concentra, Occupational Medicine, 2015
  • Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Inpatient Rehabilitation, 2004
  • NovaCare Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation, 1999

Our Partners

Exterior of the four-story Select Medical corporate office on a sunny day.
Acquisitions and Partnerships
Why work with us
As a clinically-dedicated and patient-centric organization committed to care excellence, we are eager to partner with clinicians, owners and hospital systems. In fact, we’re always seeking like-minded companies to join our family of brands.