Amy's Story

Amy Saye smiling for a photo in the Caribbean with her husband.

“My cancer journey first began when I was 13 years old. That was the first time that I heard the words “You have cancer.” I remember being terrified! My parents educated themselves on cancer to seek the best treatments and help me through my journey. At that time, my surgeries and chemotherapy treatments were harsh, but through it all, I came out on the other side stronger, more resilient and more eager to fight.

Fast forward several years, and my next journey began with a second cancer diagnosis. In the middle of raising my children and working full time, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and again went through surgeries and chemotherapy. The amazing thing was seeing the advancement in treatments since the first time I had faced cancer, as I was able to receive targeted chemotherapy that was much less harsh on my body, and I was able to continue working and taking care of my children.

My cancer journey is what first sparked my interest in Physical Therapy. While going through my first cancer battle, I attended a camp for kids with cancer. One of my cabin mates had undergone an amputation of her leg and was learning to walk on a prosthetic limb while at camp. Her struggles and victories really spoke to me. Over the years, I have been a part of cancer journeys for several family members and friends. I love to have the opportunity to help others through their journey and hear their stories of strength and inspiration.

My story has now come full circle as I have the honor of treating cancer patients as a Physical Therapist with NovaCare. This gives me the opportunity to get to know cancer patients in a different setting and be part of their story. I feel that my journey helps me relate to my patients in a unique way and allows me to face their battles head-on. Whether they are actively being treated for cancer or several years out from treatment, it helps patients to have someone who understands their specific concerns and needs.” -Amy Saye, Physical Therapist

We're honored to have compassionate employees, like Amy, who truly understand and connect with our patients to bring them the next level of care. In honor of #CancerSurvivorshipMonth, we want to recognize and celebrate cancer warriors. We offer specialized treatment to help those living with the effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Every patient has a story to tell.

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