Joseph's story

Joseph standing in front of a NovaCare center with his prosthetics.

Joseph Bunkley loves swimming, building model cars and hanging out with friends, which became difficult when he lost both legs. Joseph suffers from peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud's syndrome and Buerger's disease, all affecting his blood flow.

After his amputations, he began working with Physical Therapist and Prosthetist Martin Ryan at our NovaCare Prosthetic & Orthotics center in Fond du Lac, WI. "At first, I struggled a lot with myself and activities," he said. "I was a bit confused when I first met Marty, but the staff handled all the necessary paperwork and eased all my fears. Marty will go above and beyond to fit you with prosthetic devices to make life easier."

Now, Joseph can return to regular activities, like driving. "I recently renewed my driver's license and took a road test to prove to the DMV that I could safely operate a motor vehicle," he said. "I passed that with flying colors, so I went and bought myself a car!" He's also begun to swim again.

"I learned more about myself and have overcome a ton of obstacles," Joseph shared. "As the years go by and [my] legs progressively get better, I have to regain a lot of the confidence I have lost. Life still has twists and turns, but overall it's an adventure."

Thank you for choosing us, Joseph! We're honored to be part of your adventure.

Every patient has a story to tell.

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