Liam's story

Liam, a patient, posing for a photo with his physical therapist in front of the Select Sports logo.

College baseball player Liam Karey has a wide smile and a great spirit, despite a terrifying experience. Earlier this year, a group of guys jumped him. The injuries were so bad he suffered a concussion and an ankle sprain that required surgery.

Looking for help recovering from both, Liam turned to us, working with Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer Jordan Considine.

"When I [first] came in, I was unsure how I would recover," he said. "My future playing baseball was uncertain. It hurt to walk, and my head hurt."

But that quickly changed as he worked with Jordan. He says memorable moments included removing his boot, regaining his endurance, using the blaze pods, and finally returning to the pitch. "I feel like a million bucks," Liam said. "I am ready to get back to all the fun activities I did before my injury."

We're so proud of your hard work and determination, Liam. Congrats on reaching your goals!

If you want exceptional care and support in your recovery journey, visit us and let our amazing team guide you toward your goals.

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