Tony's story

A patient named Tony learning how to balance on a bike again.

Tony Gamble loves riding his bike, but poor balance, which had been a struggle for Tony since he was a child, was stopping him from enjoying it. He no longer felt safe so he gave his bike away.

Tony was unaware that physical therapy and vestibular rehab could help, so years went by wishing he could still ride. Tony values an active lifestyle and continued to exercise at his local gym several times a week and focused on swimming and hiking, but he always felt like he was missing something.

Finally Tony came to Select Physical Therapy in Columbus, IN to reach his goal. He started working with Physical Therapist Ron King and saw improvement, but Ron knew that Tony would benefit from specialized vestibular therapy so he began working collaboratively with Sandra Rayburn, occupational therapist and vestibular specialist. He was skeptical at first that he could reach his goal, but diligently stuck with the program.

After about six weeks, he was seeing improvement in his balance and confidence to try biking again. Towards the end of his therapy journey, he brought in a video of himself riding his friend's bicycle around a large parking lot with ease! He now plans to purchase his own bicycle and is ecstatic to have reached a goal that he struggled for years to meet.

Seeing Tony ride his bike is again is a big part of why our therapists help individuals through physical therapy and other services. If you or someone you love is missing out on their hobbies because of imbalance, reach out today!

Every patient has a story to tell.

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