Sports Medicine

Dedicated to the athlete in you

Select Sports is our nationally-recognized sports medicine program.

Our program is designed for people at all levels of athletic ability.

For athletes of different levels, we partner with specialists to develop your treatment plan.

A male physical therapist working with a female athlete.

Our teams provide expert treatment for sport-related injuries like:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears
  • Concussion
  • Shin splints

We treat thousands of athletes at our centers nationwide. Our goal with each one of them is to help them resume the activity they love and achieve their individual goals.

We also treat injuries that happen in play, work and artistic performance. Some crossover with athletic injuries while others are unique to activity and lifestyle.

We'll meet you where you are. Whether it's help with injury prevention, recovery or performance, we'll work to:

  • Restore function
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Educate on avoiding injury
  • Optimize performance
  • Return you to activity

Your progress. Our program.

  • The clinical teams at our centers dedicate themselves to ongoing education.

    As research in the field of sports medicine brings new insights to treatment, we build on them. You can trust that your therapist knows the newest techniques available for your care.

    Your care will begin with a plan created for you, based on your symptoms, conditions and goals. Recommended therapy, exercise and other considerations will come from your plan.

    Our focus for you is:

    1. Prevent injury
    2. Perform better
    3. Recover quickly and safely

    Specialized areas include:

    • ACL Prepare to Play program — Build strength, agility and endurance to prevent strain and tears.
    • Concussion rehabilitation program — Create a recovery plan working with athletic trainers, coaches and doctors.
    • Movement screens and performance evaluations — Assess movement to decrease risk of injury and maximize performance.

    These programs are the core of our sports medicine services. With them we're partners with high schools, colleges and pro sports teams throughout the U.S.

  • Select Sports extends our work beyond our centers and into the community. This includes:

    • Athletic training services: Injury prevention and performance. Our athletic trainers work with high schools, college athletic programs and pro teams.
    • Esports: Training for solo and tournament gamers to reduce injury to nerves, posture and hands.
    • Running program: Build strength/endurance and reduce running injuries.
    • Performing arts rehabilitation: Treatment of the unique physical demands on individuals in the performing arts.

The Select Sports Center of Excellence logo.

The Select Sports Center of Excellence (COE)

When you need dedicated, sports-specific care, look to our centers of excellence.

Our COE designation conveys the highest quality in sports medicine delivery.

It's an endorsement of a center's expertise in sports as a clinical practice.

Becoming a COE proves a commitment to excellence in four areas:

  • Injury prevention — Helping athletes remain healthy, build strength and increase flexibility.
  • Rehabilitative treatment — Treating the athlete based on individual injury, goals and training needs.
  • Performance enhancement — Improving athletic ability to become better, faster, stronger.
  • Sports-specific care — Providing specialty care via a sports physical therapist.

This last bullet is another distinction within our COEs. It's key to have experts who know an athlete’s mindset and the demands of their sport for the best outcomes.

In these centers, you'll work with specially-trained sports medicine physical therapists. Their advanced clinical skills and sports experience can help all levels of athletes.

Liam Karey posing for a photo with his physical therapist.
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