Select One Resources

Our goal is to support Care Coordination and safe Transitions of Care from acute hospitalization to appropriate post-acute setting if indicated.

One way is to provide resource tools that assist with clinical and medically necessary patient identification along with level of care decision support.

Right Level of Care, at the Right Time for the Best Outcome

These available resources can create the following benefits:

  • LOS Reduction
  • Throughput in Critical Care Units across hospital
  • Improved quality outcomes through appropriate and timely use of highly specialized extended acute care (CIRH & IPR)
  • Impact on re-admission rates
  • Support and create positive impact on Value Based Care including MSPB, BPCI & ACOs

“Nothing replaces the clinical collaboration and discharge planning discussion between clinical teams, patients/families and post-acute clinical liaisons…but starting the discussion earlier around appropriate level of care makes a difference.”


CM Screening Guide Tool

MD Criteria Indicators