Pediatric Therapy

Through our NovaCare Kids and Select Kids Pediatric Therapy programs, we help children live better through the power of physical, occupational and speech language therapy. Our highly trained clinical team will design a specialized plan of care that is just right for your child.
Through experience, advanced clinical training and clear communication with our patients and their parents, our therapy team will assist your child in achieving their highest potential for participation in school, activity and life.
We are committed to providing an exceptional experience that promotes healing and development of motor, social and communication skills that enhance your child’s participation in desired family, community and school activities. We apply the latest pediatric treatments in a play-based environment to ensure each child, from birth to 21, gets the care they need.
We also offer additional specialty services at select locations, including:
  •   - Cranial asymmetries
  •   - Custom foot orthotics
  •   - Aquatic therapy
  •   - Therapeutic listening
  •   - Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  •   - Dysfunctional voiding
  •   - Bike riding clinics
  •   - Yoga… And much more!



For more information or to speak with our pediatric therapy team visit NovaCare through the link below.